Sunday, February 17

these days

firstly sorry about the photo overload.

this week... thoughts... an overload on them too...
i am sure i do this nearly every time alistair leaves for a job... i reflect a lot on the time we spend together, the interactions of our relationship, the good and the bad, the amount of time he spends away from home and how that impacts on our little one, what i can do to lessen that impact, i think about him every moment he is away (okay... maybe not every moment but close!)
i have also had so many thoughts this week about things i want to make and have spent far too much time perusing pinterest boards, mine and everybody elses. my brain is now in overload and it's time for a total ban on pinterest for a while. i started a new pinterest board just for colour, just because my thoughts have also focused on colour as i ponder how i can bring more into our home (without spending money!) i have tried to put all that energy used on thinking into some doing too. there have been plenty of walks to the beach, much swimming, plenty of playing, plenty of homemade icy poles consumed and plenty of crafting.
i  also do this every time alistair leaves too...  changing bits and pieces here and there around our house. doing lots of housework and cleaning. i suspect it is more about distraction than not.

and so this is what it looks around here this week...

1. i saw this idea on pinterest (where else!) the other day and while we had a bit of coloured kite paper out for gluing i cut out a few hearts and stuck them to the window. cute.
2. kite paper card making for a special little friend's birthday.
3. finally finished making felt balls and threaded them up to make a garland for jess's room. it's hanging across a tree branch with bits wrapped with coloured thread (inspiration, pinterest!)
4. pretty blooms and teapot on the table sitting on a new place mat that i made recently. i have a few more to make yet and then we will use them at dinner time.
5. icy pole making.
6. little changes in jess's room.
7. i finally hung up this shelf/hooks for jess's dress ups... been meaning to do that for a while now! we don't have many dress ups... yet... i am sure more will come our way and then i will need to look at other ways to contain them but for now this is perfect.
8. the beautiful fairy skirt jess got for christmas.
9. i love these flowers although i have forgotten what they are called. it is some sort of perennial plant and the flowers last for ages in a vase.
10. on my kitchen bench... more figs, knitting a little bunny for easter, a pilates book encouraging me to do a bit here and there even if i am just waiting for the kettle to boil.
11. the beginnings of a felt bird cushion via pinterest
12. i am half way through potato stamping a canvas to hang in jess's room, yes you guessed it via pinterest and here.
13. jessica is into giving in a big way at the moment. these are just a few of the things given lately... she doesn't seem to notice if you don't keep every thing. every time she passes a feather, a rock, a gumnut even a bit of seaweed that catches her eye she says "is that for mummy?" and i oblige with an enthusiastic "why thank you!".
14. icy pole sticks
15. colour colour colour, paints ready to go

joining in with lovely em.


  1. loving all your colours, rainbows against white! the felt balls (to die for) the wrapped love my favourite, the potato printing inspirational! i love pinterest but use it too often as a stick to beat myself with! sending you flight platform love today xxxx

  2. Oh my what a gorgeous fulfilled, colourful week you have had.
    Such beautiful photos.

  3. I don't think I could cope with my husband away for work, so props to you Mama. It must be a challenge. I imagine I would rearrange and clean a lot too! Oh and I find Pinterest to be a real time-sucker too, I have banned myself! Your photos are so lovely and colourful. I'm so glad you commented on my blog and I found this lovely space of yours! x

  4. rainbows and colour ... your week is filled with so much love x