Saturday, December 31

making it

i made some fabric buckets for the girls for christmas.

i love this fabric and have wanted to use it for something for a while now.

i think the girls liked them.

i do.

Thursday, December 29


a little pink a little blue

jess's favourite colours at the moment.

she has become quite interested in colours lately and asks if something is pink? blue?

i often hear her talking... "green, yellow, green, yellow, green"

sometimes "red, blue, green, yellow"

sometimes she gets the colour right.

we have been reading eric carle's 'the artist who painted a blue horse'

need to find some more books on colour next time we visit the library.


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as the new year is upon us once again, i begin to think about the coming year and what i want to achieve.

so i think about resolutions.

we all make them and then break them don't we?

i need to make a list.

i need it to be simple.

1. fitness
2. mindful eating
3. yoga everyday
4. have fun
5. laugh a lot
6. live a lot
7. breathe

i am not sure how i will fit it all in some days.

oh and...

8. be organised.

that should be a good start.

Wednesday, December 28

at the start

it is as the new year fast approaches that i begin this blog.

i love reading other people's blogs and have been thinking for a while now that i should start another one.

i am unsure about what it will be about but will simply let it unfold.

i think i just really wanted to record our life as it is now.

what we are doing, playing, reading, creating, cooking, growing.

a record of life with a small child who is growing all too fast.

i want to remember this time.

i will try to post a little something each day for the next year...