Saturday, June 14


Archer: Six months old this week! (How did the time go by so fast?) In your element, outside rolling
around on the lawn.
Jessica: If it wasn't for the winter light I would think it was summer looking at this photo
of you. Warm sunshine, rosy cheeks and bare arms... afternoon bubble blowing.

Well its been ten weeks since I last managed a post. I had been barely recording anything except the 52 
Project anyway for quite some time. Life has been crazy busy and this blog
has gone to the bottom of the list of things to do. I am unsure whether I will continue... I would like 
to record our simple days but not sure if I can justify the time... anyway here this week and next? 
Who knows?

Joining in with Jodi. A portrait of each of my littles every week of the year in 2014