Saturday, June 30

project 366

i am still going with my photo project and tomorrow is the half way mark.


there have only been a few days that i have missed taking a photo, so i am going pretty well with this being my first time on this type of project.

i am loving it although sometimes i feel my photos are a little repetitive.

and i am a little unorganised in my photo storage. i had better get organised before i become completely overwhelmed by the task.

i think it may be time to step up a notch and get a bit more inventive with my photography. so for the next month i intend to follow the list of prompts that gets put out here at the beginning of each month.

below is the list for july and it may just be the inspiration i need at this point.

1. Half 
2. Spin 
3. What’s in your fridge? 
4. Red, white, & blue 
5. In a vase 
6. From above 
7. Afraid 
8. A sign 
9.  Two shoes 
10. Superhero 
12.Take 12 
13.From below 
15.A pathway 
16.Ice cream 
19. In books 
21.Junk food 
22. Magical 
25. Word on the street 
26.Window light 
27.A treat 
29.Something blue 
31.A silly face 

i think if i do the project again next year i will choose a theme to follow instead of the random photos i am taking this year.

i absolutely love the photography from this blog and wonder if i could do something similar. i am not sure i would have such a willing participant though.

Thursday, June 28

this moment...

this moment inspired by soulemama - a friday ritual. a single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. a simple, special, extraordinary moment. a moment I want to pause, savour and remember.


my grandmother turned 90 recently.

what a milestone birthday 90 is.

it was celebrated by around seventy members of her family... children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and and even great great grandchildren.

i got to do a little floristry for her special day, creating a very pretty posy and a corsage. it was fun and i was pleased that i hadn't completely lost my skills.

happy birthday nanna sparrow!

the way home

homeward bound.

with a car full of plants and exciting plans for the gardening days ahead.

heading out of the city in the early morning winter darkness... out to the green hills and countryside... out to wide spaces and fresh air

always good to have a break away... always good to be heading home.


our last day in the city and it was finally dry enough to go to the playground.

every day since we left home, i had promised jess a visit to a playground but nearly every day it rained.


Monday, June 25

zoo time

a lovely afternoon spent at the zoo with my girls.

jess was most impressed with the children's zoo section where you can interact with the animals.

Sunday, June 24

the gardens

the rain finally stopped today.

we took the opportunity to walk in the botanical gardens.

i love the bare winter trees, their bark, branches and trunks. their structure and forms. the gingko tree was my favourite of the day, it was just stunning in all its naked glory.

it seems so early but a ornamental plum was just starting to open up a few buds, the promise of the great show to come.

the highlight of the gardens for me is always the trees... for daisy it's the giant water lilies and for jess it is the ducks.

Saturday, June 23

winter sky

it has been raining for the last forty eight hours, nearly non stop.

wet, wet, wet.

what a lovely way to see in the winter solstice yesterday.

cold, dark and rainy at four in the afternoon.

i love it.

when can we go to the playground is what the little one wants to know.

soon... soon...

Thursday, June 21

this moment...

this moment inspired by soulemama - a friday ritual. a single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. a simple, special, extraordinary moment. a moment I want to pause, savour and remember.

Tuesday, June 19

pebble beach

i love the pebbles on this beach.

i could look at them all day.

they are so smooth.

 so tactile.

i want to take them all home with me!!!

Monday, June 18

we're going on a bear hunt

we're going on a bear hunt by michael rosen and illustrated by helen oxenbury is one of our favourite books and we often play a game with the same theme.

today we had the perfect setting.

"uh oh long swishy grass we can't go over it, we can't go under it, oh no we have to go through it."

"swishy swashy, swishy swashy" 

jess loved that we had real long swishy grass, thick oozy mud, a river and rosie the dog coming along for the adventure.

Saturday, June 16

afternoon walk

we went for a little walk in the conservation area this afternoon.

looking for ducks, swans and frogs.

listening to the birds.


splashing in the puddles.

... and falling into puddles ... soaked through!