Tuesday, February 19

the painting ritual

the painting ritual is always the same, every time she paints
it goes like this...

"mummy i want to paint" she says
so we get the paints set up, apron on, paper clipped onto the easel. she picks up a brush and does a few strokes on the paper...
then decides to paint her hands
just a little at first, watching the colours blend together, bit more paint and a bit more
 does a few hand prints to test it out
 adds more paint, squishes it about a bit letting it ooze through her fingers
 enough with the brushes, i will just squish it around on the plate
 print print print... "look at all those colours mummy"
"are you done" she says to end

 painting hands has been the thing for months around here...
 i wonder if this phase will ever end...
(its not that i mind, its just a little messy... you know?)