Saturday, May 12

collecting the eggs


we are getting one egg a day from our lovely chickens.

we were beginning to wonder if we would ever get any and then all of a sudden one chicken has started laying. we were told by the man we bought the chickens from that it would only be a couple of weeks... more like a couple of months... or more.

we suspect that it is julia who is laying but it could be mavis.

jessica, who loves going out to collect the eggs, has claimed all of them so far and has one for lunch every day.

mavis has become very friendly lately and will sometimes just sit down in front of me when i go into the chicken run. so the other day i bit the bullet (so to speak) and picked her up. i had been quite scared of their flapping to begin with but i am getting used to handling chickens (well mavis at least). lucky for jess as she loves to pat them. i still don't like their feet and even find them hard to look at. strange old me!

yay! so happy to have a chicken that lays eggs.

now for the other girls...

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