Wednesday, April 4

sing me a song

jess has been very focused on language over the last couple of months.

her sentences still amaze me. most are very clear and can be quite long. there is no word that this little girl won't or can't say. 

i guess a natural progression from learning to talk is then to sing.

over the past week jess has become increasingly interested in rhymes and songs.

i hear her all day long as she is playing, trying to remember the words to rhymes.

ring - a - ring - a rosie, polly put the kettle on, i'm a little teapot, bananas in pajamas are a few of her favourites and she nearly has all the words together for those.

if i start singing a rhyme she insists on hearing it again and again and concentrates and watches my face very closely, obviously trying to memorise it.

we really have to watch what we are saying around jess now as she will repeat everything, good and bad!

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