Tuesday, April 3


when my older two were small i was always in a hurry. they must've shown interest in cooking as most children do and i remember times when they would help bake a cake or make some biscuits but i didn't include them as much as i should have, especially in dinner preparation and cooking. i guess i felt like it was easier to do it myself. both older girls are quite good at cooking now and capable in the kitchen, so they must've taken something in over the years.

jess has been very interested in what is happening in the kitchen lately and will often pull a chair up to the kitchen bench to stand on. i am trying to have more patience and include her where she is capable. it doesn't always go according to plan but i am glad i let her help.

last night we made an apple and raspberry crumble.

crumble would have to be one of the best dishes for a toddler to help with. after all who doesn't like to get their hands in the bowl to crumble the mixture. only problem was that jess didn't want to process to end and a bowl full of crumble nearly ended up on the floor. crisis averted and saved by the promise of a go on the skateboard with eloise.

i would have taken more photos but cooking with a toddler can be a little hectic sometimes.

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