Sunday, November 17

these days

oh my! it has been a long time since i wrote a blog post other than project 52, which i am barely keeping up with.

life around here has been busy and full and i have had little desire to be in this space of late. i often write posts in my head but they never get to be published. i thought i would take the easy way back in with a these days post joining in with Em's weekly stills.

as we count down the last few weeks before we welcome our new baby into the world, here is a little of what has been happening around here this spring.

1. beautiful bearded iris's picked from the side of the road adorned our table for a short time, while the artwork in the background adorned my wall for an equally short time. it was done by my daughter eloise for her year 12 art class and was recently chosen to be in an art exhibition which features outstanding art work from all the year 12 art students in our state. i am so very proud of my girl.

2. blocks have been played with daily since i introduced them with mirrors.

3. preparing... tiny white washing hanging from the line, is there anything sweeter?

4. the last of the sweet peas in the evening sunlight, how i will miss these (one of my favourite spring flowers) both inside and out.

5. christmas presents are being made early this year. not only as december rolls around we will be busy with our new little one but my eldest daughter is off to europe this summer so her presents need to be early.

6. i am in the 'making' mode at the moment... crafting and sewing. i have so many projects i would like to do before the baby is born but not enough hours in the day.

7. nesting has been happening here big time. there has been painting done, carpets cleaned, anything that can be washed, has been, cupboards have been organised and rearranged, furniture rearranged, rooms rearranged, small bits and pieces collected to decorate the baby's room... there is nothing like the impending arrive of a newborn to get one motivated.

8. the prettiest blooms in my garden at the moment. hollyhocks. love them.

9. an exciting new project... a cubby house in progess... i can't wait until its finished so i can unleash my nesting impulses on it too!

have a lovely week

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  1. So many lovely things. I adore the dream catcher, raindrops and crochet baskets. lovely xx