Sunday, September 1

these days

this week...
 busy city days have filled our week, shopping, appointments and visiting family and friends.

a few rare moments were spent enjoying the last days of winter and welcoming in the spring.

1 & 3. i am so happy there are still a few camellia blooms around. we can't grow these at home and i love them so much. i fill like i have had my fix of them for this winter now.
2. a beautiful old weathered gate.
4. he couldn't help but come over to say hello.
5. always looking for a flower to pick.
6. bare shoulders and pony tails, a true sign of how warm it was today, the first day of spring.

joining in once again with lovely Em at the Beetle Shack.


  1. The warm spring sunshine is just lovely at the moment, and right on time.
    Beautiful photos.x

  2. Oh those camellia's are beautiful, one of my all time favourite blooms! x

  3. Gorgeous! Such lovely photos!!