Wednesday, August 7

loving... blossoms


the seasons are changing once again.
while out in the car my eyes are drawn to the trees suddenly bursting alive with blossoms.
i want to stop at each one and linger there awhile taking in their fleeting beauty.
  at dusk on the side of the road i pick a few branches outside an abandoned garden.
a tall jar sits on the kitchen bench supporting the messy arrangement.
the petals float gently down, scattering themselves
and once again my eyes are drawn in their direction and instead of passing by i linger there awhile...

i haven't been around in this space much lately. i have barely managed to keep up with my project 52 posts along with throwing in the odd weekly stills post.

however, with a new camera in hand and a renewed passion for taking photos i thought i would ease my way back into blogging with a little series of the things i am loving at the moment.

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