Saturday, February 9

these days

this week... summer time! 

what beautiful summer weather we have been having. warm days and light winds, dewy nights. not too hot, not too cold. swimming, surfing, wet bathers hanging on the line, dripping wet suits hung out over the veranda rail, summer fruit, salads, homemade icy poles, sandy feet and sandy floors.

1. the corn is nearly ready. everyday i press the outside of the cobs to see if they are filling out... not yet but nearly.
2. first pumpkin of the season picked.
3,4 & 5. daddy showed her how to draw in the sand with a stick and she drew all over the beach, always watching behind her as the line kept following.
6. last week there was one, this week there are many... time for jam i think.
7. we have new chickens... new chickens = more eggs... yay!
8. the cutest little ruffly swimmers hanging on the line.
9. rose hips foraged from the side of the road in the hope i will soon be making amber's cardamon spiced rosehip pear jam
10 & 11. an icy pole made of blended watermelon juice and frozen raspberries, poured into the moulds nearly to the top, then blitz a little of the juice with cream and top up the moulds with that. so yummy!

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