Tuesday, January 1

a new year

... and so a new year has begun!

the past week leading up to new year has been a busy one for me. i have been doing odds and ends around the house, almost in spring clean mode, attempting to do all those little things that i always notice need doing but never seem to get around. i have been cramming as much into each day as i can in order to be able to start the new year afresh. oh sure there is always more to do and i will never get to the end of the list but it does feel good to be productive. 

all this activity has made the week go faster, which right now is a good thing as we are counting down the days until alistair returns home from work. three more sleeps to go!

i have also spent the past week trying to get used to a new camera (well new to me). daisy and i did a swap for a few months as she needed a smaller one to take on a trip overseas. i have had trouble loading photos onto the computer from her camera, so today saw me take everything off the computer and put it all onto a hard drive, sorting it all out along the way. a good thing to do as my laptop is getting on in years and could crash at any moment. problem fixed. 

one of my intentions this year is to be more organised with my photo files. i never know what to keep and what to trash. i never date my photos and rarely give them a title. this year will be different. they will be organised!

 i have decided that project 365 is not for me this year. i did okay last year (being my first) but i did miss a few days here and there and i had a bad ending. in fact i think i got worse at remembering to take a photo each day as the year went on. this year i intend to join in with jodi and take a portrait each week. i can't wait to see 52 lovely photos of jessica made into a book at the end of the year. i am not sure what to do with my project 366 photos from last year. it doesn't seem quite right to put them into a book when there isn't a complete 366 photos. hmmm, i will have to ponder that one.

and a few days ago it became a whole year of blogging for me. i enjoy coming here and documenting our lives. when i started this blog i thought that i would give it a year and see how it went, whether i could fit it in time wise, whether i liked blogging etc. well, i do love it although i feel that in the coming year i won't be here quite as much. maybe just once a week, maybe twice, i am not sure. my original idea for this blog was to document our days (as ordinary as they are) and to document something everyday (well i soon found that that is just too much for me). i thought it would be a nice way for alistair to see home life while he is away too. i try to write for myself and not think too much about who might be reading and what they may want to hear or see. i write to document all the little things of ordinary days that i want to remember, years from now. i have quite a few readers that come to this space everyday but not many leave comments. thank you to those who do. i have been wondering for a while now why people come to visit, why they come back (if they do) and what they think. i would love you to introduce yourself and say hi.

this past week has also been one spent pondering my goals and intentions for the coming year. i really am no good at keeping resolutions, so this year its 'goals and intentions'. i have a bit of a list going on, lots of things i would like to improve about myself. i read a great article here about goal setting last night, very inspiring. 

and that's about my week as it has been... three more sleeps to go!

happy new year!


  1. Those photos are beautiful. I have the same kind of succulents.

    1. oh i have nearly killed these succulents so many times. i start watering them again just in the nick of time.

  2. What a lovely, lovely blog. Although I've followed you on Pinterest for some time, today is the first time I've wander over. Such a warm and joyous blog. Congrats on reaching the year point. As someone that has blogged in one form or another for the past 7 years, I have learned that the joy in blogging comes from letting the blog follow your life, and not the other way around. Wishing you and yours a wonderous 2013!

  3. nice to "meet" you kimara, thanks for coming by and saying hi.