Monday, August 6

being two

there are days in our children's lives when we wish time could stand still (at least just for a little while longer).

today, there were so many times when i wished i had a camera in my hand to capture these moments so i can hold them in my memory forever.

i didn't though so i thought i would write them down instead...


 proudly carrying a bucket of grain down to the chicken tractor which was on the lawn and carefully tipping the contents into the little hole at the top. coming back up to the main chicken run the shortest way (although more difficult way) up over the rock wall and across the garden bed.

trying to catch lavender, who is a very big chicken, to give her a cuddle while holding a fist full of feathers to stop her going anywhere.

walking around with her hands in her pockets for most of the day just because she happened to be wearing something with pockets.

standing with one hand in her pocket while holding the garden hose with the other, whilst watering the garden (and herself).

taking her gumboots off and filling them with water!

helping to fold the mountain of washing that had been sitting on a lounge room chair gradually getting taller and taller for the past week, making her own piles on the floor just as i do.

all in an ordinary day of being two.

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  1. That's a beautiful photo of your daughter! And beautiful words.