Sunday, May 27


a quiet moment on a sunday morning.

a morning that was spent playing with mum... dolls house... dolls house goes to the park... dolls house goes to the farm... building a cave for the teddy's in the bedroom... having tea parties...

and then all of a sudden she stops playing with mum and sits down by herself to read some books... the whole basket of books...

i thought this was rather nice after all my playing and quietly did some yoga on the floor next to her.

all i did today was play. well actually i did also do some very strenuous digging work in the garden while jess slept, i think i needed that. a bit of time to myself, a little release.

the little one is feeling a little out of sorts the past few days. a temperature and now a running nose. all i can do is keep the peace, play all games she wants, give cuddles and kisses, give compassion, keep her close and we will get through this, life will return to normal... soon.

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