Thursday, May 17


jessica has been enjoying counting books lately.

'one, two, three, four, eight, nine, ten' she says.

i know she understands how many one is and also how many two are and this is a concept she has known for quite some time but the rest of the numbers don't really have meaning to her yet.

some of the books we have been reading have included,

numbers by alison jay
we love this book. i partically love how a story is told by the illustrations rather than words. each illustration also has many things to count relating to the number, for instance 6 gingerbread men, 6 drawer handles, 6 foxes running around the plate, 6 o'clock on the clock etc. there is so much to look at on each page which isn't always obvious at first.

my granny went to market
this is one we have borrowed from the library many times. good for counting and also for geography.

rooster's off to see the world by eric carle
jess has really enjoyed this book and loves counting the animals as the story progresses. she is really just repeating me by saying how many there are but it is also first steps towards understanding numbers.

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