Friday, April 27

kcwc day five

wow! day five finished! two to go!

i completed this jacket today. happy!

it's the make it perfect uptown girl jacket using a lovely soft green cord found at my local fabric store and riley blake designs alphabet soup girl.

it is fully reversible and was easy to make, just took a little time. i found the pattern a little confusing (lots of text and not many diagrams) but it came together without any hiccups.

i made the size three and it has plenty of room for my two year old... opps! nearly two year old... i am getting ahead of myself. the pattern caters for sizes 0 through to size 5 so i think this pattern was a good investment as i will definitely use it again.

although i do think the size three will last a couple of winter's.

jess was more than obliging to try this one on. again it was late in the day by the time i finished it so we went out to take the photos. it got wet, a little sandy too, we watched the chickens, patted the dog and decided it was one great jacket.

of course then jess didn't really want to take it off. i had to explain that it was only for out side wear otherwise she would've worn it all night.

i am having trouble getting jess to understand that you put extra layers on when its cold but when it warms up or you come inside you can take a layer off. difficult concept for a toddler i think.

well two days to go. i am giving myself the night off from sewing tonight and plan to have an early night.

how is your kcwc week going?


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