Thursday, February 16


oh how i love seasonal bounty!

we stopped in to buy some farm gate apples yesterday and came away with two varieties of apples as well as pears, quinces and a few, last of the season, peaches that were thrown in for free. oh and not to mention the lovely strawberry jam.

we have spotted the farmer's signs out occasionally for the past couple of years and always 'meant' to stop in but never had, for one reason or another. we should have. no excuses, we just should have.

produce bought straight from the farm gate can't be beaten for quality and freshness, unless you grow it yourself of course. 

i now have much time ahead of me in the kitchen over the next two or three days, preparing all this fruit for cooking and freezing. also thinking of and looking for recipes to turn some into jam or maybe some chutney would be nice.

i love having all this healthy goodness on the kitchen bench, it looks so pretty.

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