Sunday, July 14

these days

this week...

when the weather is fine we take the opportunity to get out and about...

we made a stop at stunning Murphy's Haystacks during the week. the grass is green as far as the eye can see from this beautiful hilltop location. the rock formations rising up in the middle of a paddock, weathered and covered in lichen.

and today we took a drive to the nearby beach of Locks Well. spectacular high cliffs, a wild blue ocean, golden sands and a million steps down... and back up.
sitting on the beach (not so close to the water edge) happily snapping many shots with my new camera, all of a sudden a wave washed up and before i could get up i was more than a little wet! oops! top half was okay and thank goodness so was the camera. oh my how we laughed! this often deserted beach was littered with fishermen today... how i hoped nobody noticed...
wet all the way back up those steps, i was so proud of my littlest who managed them all without complaint.

joining in with the beetle shack and everyone else with their weekly stills.


  1. wow that's a lot of steps to climb. those legs would have got a workout. lovely seaside captures.
    Ohh and a new camera. lucky you. i'm in the market for a new camera. what type is yours?

  2. mine is a canon 600D, love it!

  3. Oh Jo I think you live in a beautiful part of the world too! x

  4. Wow! I just love all your beach photos. So beautiful where you live.

  5. Wow, don't we live in a beautiful country. Love this landscape. Kellie xx