Saturday, July 13


"A portrait of my littlest, once a week, every week in 2013" 

joining in with jodi and all the others at che and fidel

jessica: on the way home from a day out at a neighbouring town, we stopped to show you the magnificent rock formations of 'Murphy's Haystacks'... you were more interested in your new bubble blower and watching bountiful amounts of bubbles floating off on the wind... another time maybe... without the bubbles!

i loved the shot of lily in the field of daisies last week.


  1. I guess bubbles trump amazing land marks when you're a wee one, but these shots impressed me. Love the sun glowing so brightly from behind the sun and rocks.

  2. what an amazing place!! great shots

  3. ps- thank you for the mention! xo

  4. what fantastic pictures! And what a neat place to visit!