Saturday, July 6

these days

this week... i thought i would do a little catch up. it has been weeks and weeks since i have done a these  days post or any other post besides project 52. these are some photos taken during the past few weeks. 

the time has flown past although we have spent many days taking it slow. my focus has been on cooking plenty of nourishing food, fighting of winter ills and getting plenty of sleep. there have been trips away and sunny days gardening, beaching combing and inside rainy day play.

1. bright poppy bloom captured in the sunlight.
2. cold morning.
3. stunning winter sunset.
4. new playgrounds explored.
5. pebble throwing with good friend rosie the dog.
6. cute pig tails against a bright sky.
7. making new friends at Harndorf Children's Farm.
8. sweet little window love.
9. sour dough smothered in butter and topped with homemade ricotta (my first attempt), smashed bananas and drizzled honey, yum!
10. exotic blooms.
11. freshly picked yarrow hung to dry. the flowers to be steeped as a tea should anyone in our house come down with a fever.
12. i came home from an evening walk (alone) to find the washing folded, fresh flowers adorning the kitchen table and a message from my sweet girls. one happy mumma.
13. basket of winter citrus goodness.
14. glowing candle light to warm up a wintery night.

joining in with the lovely Emily 



  1. Your photos are stunning.
    Your homemade ricotta topped sourdough looks delicious. x

  2. These photos are lovely! gorgeous shot of your pooch under the blanket & some really beautiful family moments.

  3. Such lovely stills! What an amazing sunset, they are so special in winter and how beautiful is your little family!
    Sophie x

  4. Great pics! So impressed you made your own ricotta.

    PS: Enter the Cosima Skincare giveaway today:

  5. Your pics are just beautiful and so full of warmth. I want some of that sour dough and ricotta bread - yum! Have a very beautiful new week. xx

  6. That poppy is just breath taking!

    thank you so much for joining in, it's a pleasure to have you.

    xo em