Sunday, April 21

these days

this week... ups and downs... one of those weeks...

1. beeswax modelling. oh i am so impressed by this. jessica's loves it and it can keep her absorbed for up to an hour at a time. we sometimes get it out after lunch and with a sparkle story playing in the background, the house is peaceful for a while. i join in for a while too, then she is quite happy to go it alone while i read or knit nearby... brilliant stuff.
2. tiny delicate treasures found in the garden... the pods of the cape gooseberry plant.
3. my golden elm tree thinks it is spring and has been putting on some new growth after spending the summer with bare branches. bit mixed up i think!
4. there is just something about these lyra super ferby pencils that i find so photo worthy.
5. reading at the moment... find and keep by beci orpin. so many inspiring projects that i may try someday. okay... i have had this on loan for quite a while now and keep re-borrowing it... it is likely someone else may like to borrow it by now if only i would take it back! simply baking is so beautifully photographed and from flicking through, it seems to have some great information and recipes. the garden at forrest hall by rose expert susan irvine. i just love reading a book written about the process of creating a garden and to be honest i have read this one before. i gets me dreaming of all the gardens i would like to create myself.
6. one beautiful pure white cyclamen blooming on the kitchen table.

joining in with the lovely Em over at The Beetle Shack



  1. Those pods are beautiful... Have to get my hands on a copy of Find and Keep! Where on the coast are you? My husband is from Victor Harbour :)

    1. oh victor is lovely! i have friends who live there so often visit when we go to adelaide. we are on the west coast, about 700km from adelaide.

  2. What gorgeous captures! And yes I agree, those pencils are most definately photo worthy. Wishing you a gorgeous week :) x

  3. i hope this week is a good one! x

  4. beautiful captures. i love that last shot. so soft...