Monday, April 22

the knitting continues...

i finished this knit over a week ago but today was the first time jessica allowed me to photograph her with it on...

a little over a year ago, i knitted up this same pattern and my goodness, the colour is nearly the same. that wasn't intentional, its just that i bought this yarn online and it looked a little more violet in the photo sample. i have even knitted the same size. i could have (probably should have) knitted the next size up. jess is at a funny stage with sizes, every thing new swims on her while every thing old in her wardrobe is getting too small even though they are only a size smaller. as i like to get quite a bit of wear out of her clothes, it is making choosing sizes quite difficult.

the pattern for this sweet little knit came from pickles and i did find it easier the second time round. i am pleased to say my knitting skills must be improving as i only made two mistakes (both on the two buttonholes). buttonholes? i can hear you say. yes they are hardly there as a result of my mistake so i decided to go with some ties and pom poms instead. i like the result much better.

the yarn, cascade yarns 100% superwash merino wool, was so beautiful and soft to knit with. i am hopeful that this little vest will get some wear over the coming cooler months. jess has had it on for short amounts of time but then discards it saying 'its for winter mum!' maybe it is super warm... 

the vest from last year was barely worn. mainly as a result of one of my (many) mistakes. it kept falling from her shoulders and would annoy her. jessica doesn't 'do' annoying clothes. 

i am wondering what to do with the old vest and one idea i had was to unravel it and knit myself a scarf from the yarn... what does one do with one's failures?

can someone out there please explain to me what 'blocking' is? is it necessary? what does it do?

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  1. I love this! And I really like the colour too. :) I think the pom poms work well, well done for rectifying the button hole mistake. When I make mistakes (which is ALL the time), I normally just have to scrap it as I am just not experienced enough to change / alter the pattern etc. :)