Saturday, March 9

these days


this week...

the evening light has captivated me nearly every evening. i race outside with camera in hand to capture it.

1 & 2. there is a little festival in our town every second year called sculptures on the cliff. some sculptures are permanent and this is one of my favourites. it is so tall, i can see it in the distance from my home (which is near the jetty in the background).
3. weather beaten twigs on the edge of the cliff catching the setting sunlight.
4. as we are fare welling alistair as he returns to work next week, i thought i had better get out of the house and have some 'me' time before he goes. i rode up to the high point and watched the sunset over the ocean... aaahhh!
5. fishing buoy swing in the evening sun.
6. the weather has been warm this week and this little one has spent most days with no clothes on.
7. animal footprint painting.
8 & 9. wheat grass growing in the kitchen. i am totally fascinated in how fast this stuff grows and i love the beads of water that form on the tips, it looks so fresh and lovely.
10. sweet little blooms in sweet little vase. it's so nice to have flowers indoors no matter how small they are.
11. after the animal foot printing, i left her in the bathroom with a sink of water to wash them. i should've known the water baby couldn't help but get in too!
12. her imagination is running wild right now. a feather and a peg suddenly become a helicopter.

joining in with the lovely em.


  1. What stunning light. You're right, the fish sculpture is so beautiful.
    Animal footprint painting is a brilliant idea - I'll be sure to use it soon - thankyou. It's been way to hot for clothes on this side of the country too!

  2. You have captured the coastal sunset perfectly.
    Thanks for stopping by my little blog.