Monday, March 11

making the most of it

although autumn is officially here it still seems to be some way off in this part of australia. certain parts of autumn that signal the change of season like being able to buy new season apples and pears from a local grower, calm days that are growing ever shorter and the planning and preparation of autumn crops to go into the garden are well and truly with us.

... but it's hot!

we are in the midst of a heat wave. quite a nice heat wave though. i like the humidity (most of the time), the moisture in the air is very pleasing to my skin, the temperatures eased at times by cooling sea breezes coming off the ocean, the cloud cover welcome relief, the few drops of rain appreciated. much, much nicer than hot northerly winds blowing day after day, i can tell you.

we have been making the most of this late burst of summer... swimming every day, enjoying the water and the beach, making the most of it.

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