Sunday, March 24

these days

this week... some stills with a distinctly autumn tone to them.

we have had a slow week mostly at home, giving some much needed time to catch up on some things. (hence all the shots are once again from around our home). 

my eyes were drawn to earthy colours and by the end of the week it was starting to feel a little more like autumn around here. the mornings so dark... we seem to wake up late but when we do venture outside there is that feeling in the air, that softness of autumn. the days are a little cooler and in the evening that feeling is there again... that autumn feeling, as the sun is setting, the days growing ever shorter.

1. jess and i created a autumn leaf hanging with some very crunchy leaves saved from last year and some wooden beads.
2. an early easter present arrived from granny. bunny ears and tiny easter chicks. they are adored and played with for hours and hours. granny always gives the best presents.
3. falling... leaves...
4. a cold(ish) morning chia tea about to be put on to brew.
5. we have very wide verandas around three sides of our house so the only time the sun actually shines in is in the evening or early morning. i do love the play of light and shadow cast across the walls.
6. i brought home a huge box of peaches from a local farm earlier in the week and their smell is beautiful as they await on the kitchen bench to be preserved. these, the last peaches of the season will satisfy our taste buds come winter and spring.
7. waiting for the chai...
8. fennel seed heads caught in the evening sun.
9 & 10. sisters. both with messy top knots, baking muffins together.
11. upon my kitchen bench... a new batch of kombucha tea fermenting away. little jars of sage and garlic infused honey, one ready to send off to my eldest daughter daisy and one for us, to sooth sore throats, if needed. and the most gorgeously packaged jar of coconut butter (the photo not doing it justice i am afraid!) it looks so lovely i almost don't want to open it. so absurd!
12. my knitting in the morning sun shine.

joining in with the super lovely Em.


  1. I feel autumn in your photos Jo, the colours my favourite. The sun coming through the window creating those pretty shadows and sisters baking muffins both so beautiful. Enjoy your week. xx

  2. I love each and every one of these. I see and feel Autumn, such a soft and peaceful time of year. My favourite!
    Have a beautiful week x

  3. what a lovely and simple leaf mobile! we usually paint ours and then hang them. but i quite like them in their own natural color also. happy week!

  4. Happy fall, friend. The matching sister top knots ... such a sweet photo.

  5. i love the feel and tone of these pictures, makes me wanna snuggle down and knit xxxxx

  6. Just lovely. I love all your autumn colours, just perfect. Have a gorgeous new week. xxx

  7. All of these are so lovely, especially the leaf mobile! I love it so much.

  8. Beautiful, love all your Autumn touches and those super cute top knots!
    Sophie x