Tuesday, March 26

easter is nearly here

last year i read meagan's lovely easter story on her blog and wanted to recreate it for jessica this easter. in preparation i have been crafting and gathering a few things for it these past few weeks and this week we are telling this story every night before bedtime. 

i knitted a waldorf style rabbit to be the mother rabbit. the pattern is super simple and i found it in creative play for your toddler. a book i have used quite a bit to make simple toys for jessica. jess loves this bunny the best at the moment and has played with it constantly over the last few days. 'its sooooo cuddly' she says as she squeezes it tight.

i wet felted some coloured eggs. they are sitting in a nest we found (empty) last spring in the middle of our drive way. 

i hand sewed three adorable bunny finger puppets by the purl bee.

i also stitched up this little bird using felt, wool fabric and some vintage material. i kind of made it up as i went along, hoping it would turn out okay and i think she is quite sweet.

... and these little bunnies were a last minute addition after spotting them on pinterest last week.

all of the above make up our story props along with a small pot of wheatgrass, some sticks with little autumn leaves glued on and an assortment of blocks and playsilks to form the landscape. it all looks adorable and jess has been playing with the little scene ever since we set it up together.

i very quickly whipped up these bunny ears last night while chatting on the phone (they are that easy!). all you need is a headband, pipe cleaners, strips of material and a bit of glue. you could use bias binding but i kind of like the frayed look. they will be in jess's easter basket on sunday morning and i know she will love wearing them!

today we prepared our eggs. we were going to use natural dyes and i made up batches of beetroot, onion skin, tumeric, red cabbage etc yesterday but when we went to dye them i didn't think the colours were going to be strong enough for the brown eggs we had, so we ended up getting out the good old food colouring. we will place these out on saturday night for easter bunny to hide in the garden.

i have so many lovely ideas on my easter board that i would like to do/make but i have probably nearly done enough. if you are needing some easter inspiration hop* on over and have a look.

although... bec from thirteen red shoes inspired me yesterday with her easter terrarium. i love it so much i think i am going to make one before the end of the week.

also... i loved this little bunny that summer made her daughter...

* sorry bad pun i know!

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