Wednesday, March 27

knit knit

another knit completed...

despite having started this beanie five times i really enjoyed knitting it. i just couldn't get the size of the needles right to begin with. my pattern was for a beanie made with hand spun yarn and i had 8 ply, hence starting five times trying to get it right! 

it is a beanie for alistair made using cleckheaton's perfect day alpaca wool. so beautiful and soft and the natural colour is very pleasing to my eye. since al is away i had to make do with my very obliging little model, very happy to be wearing daddy's new beanie. i can't wait to give it to him and i am hoping it fits perfectly.

i am finding knitting to be so calming and i really must make sure that i always have something on the go. that way whenever i feel a little stressed or moody i can pick up the needles and knit.


  1. such sweet photos... and such a cool beanie!

  2. Such an awesome beanie. I love alpaca wool, it is so soft and warm!

    PS: I'm currently hosting a new Fitskin giveaway, open to Australian residents only and I hope you will enter!

    1. will pop over for sure, love giveaways!