Sunday, January 27

these days


colours in our world... this week

1 & 2. even just one tiny stem in a vase makes me happy.
3. i have been making felt ball after felt ball. its quite relaxing really.
4. down by the seaside
5. jessica wasn't sure if she really wanted to touch the crab shell.
6. queen b candle in the dear little pot that i received as a christmas gift.
7. a little rearranging  happened upon the chest of drawers.
8. my grandmother's handwork
9. felted rocks in the morning sunshine
10. tea time at the sandbox.
11. oh those little legs!
12 & 13. a little pink, a little blue
14 & 15. drawing time.


  1. such lovely visions in your week! those little felt balls are divine...I'd love to have a go at making them! And the bare legs and knickers...classic! wishing you a marvelous week! visiting from Em's xx

  2. Hey! I love your blog! Would you mind checking out mine? It's only new but I'm planning on uploading some more sewing/craft posts in a few days. Thanks x

  3. These are beautiful snippets into your world. I love making felt balls too, so much fun. Oh and that sunshine I'm looking forward to some more of that again soon I hope. Have a great week:)

  4. you are surrounded by beautiful colors. wonderful!

  5. your colours are beautiful, what stunning work! so glad to find you via emily's linkup, (don't look for my link my pictures are currently lost on an exploded laptop!) so consoling myself looking at beautiful pictures on blogs like this xxxx now following along xxx see you soon have a lovely Sunday xxx

  6. absolutely stunning Jo!

    xo em

    i'll have to email you about the image size.

    I save my images at 760 px wide and then upload to 'original size'.... try that and let me know how you go

    xo em