Tuesday, January 29


if you have been visiting this space for a while now you may have noticed some changes recently. i have spent a couple of (late) nights at the computer trying to figure out the intricacies of blogger. i am definitely no computer genius and really don't even pretend to come close. probably the changes that i made may have taken someone else half the time it has taken me. 

its still not how i would like it to be. i still can't work out how to make the images bigger even by following these instructions. also how does one change the header to anything other than font? i am sure it can't be all that hard but i seem to be stuck. blogger will not let me do anything in that department!

any suggestions?

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  1. Well I'm not on blogger so I can't really help you. But it looks good. And it made my day to see my little blog up there in your links. Thanks!