Wednesday, November 21

a little drawing

it has happened all of a sudden.

jess likes drawing! yay!

actually, jess has always liked drawing but it would never hold her attention for long. a quick scribble and she would be done. now she will stay with one drawing for ages and then want to do another and another.

this new found interest has co-incided with the beginnings of representational drawing. probably no coincidence. jess had been telling stories about her paintings and drawings for quite some time now but has just started to make purposeful marks in the general region of where they should go. 

the above drawing is one that i am very excited about. it is of "mummy, daddy and jessica". you can see us there can't you? hmmm... maybe not but i can assure you we are... all with "big smiles", two eyes, noses, hair, two arms and two legs.

i prefer not to interfere with children's drawings and don't point out where the various body parts should go, that will come. i find children's artwork fascinating and believe they should be able to develop at their own pace.

pasting activities seem to be becoming increasingly more popular too.

i am excited as i feel that creative pursuits are going to become a regular part of our day... at last!

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