Sunday, November 18


an afternoon at the beach.

cool breeze, warm(ish) water, clear skies.

sand castle building, shell collecting, splashing in the water.


  1. Fun! It sure is beautiful over there.

  2. it is beautiful, dry, barren, brown and blue all at the same time!

  3. Great photos :)

    We went to the beach yesterday and Skye got very wet with all her clothes on. We had no towel either! So she did some nudie runs to wind dry. She loved it.

    I hope you have a beautiful week and weekend!


  4. oh, we went to the beach the other afternoon and i thought i wasn't warm enough to take bathers but jess ended up swimming anyway in her t shirt then her dress got wet so she ended up walking home wearing my jumper which we had just used as a towel.

    nudie runs is jess's favourite thing to do at the moment especially in the rain! it hardly ever rains here though.