Friday, November 23

christmas preparations

christmas seems to be coming around fast (as it does every year)!

christmas preparations and crafting are in the works here at the moment. 

we have had a little tradition in our house ever since daisy (my eldest daughter) was a baby. each christmas i bought the girls one special ornament for the tree. this is the first year that daisy has had a place of her own, so last night i boxed up all her decorations to send off to her so she can have them on her christmas tree. she asked if i would be sad not to have her ornaments on our tree and i think i will. after all these years though, it is as i had imagined it when she was a baby, a box full of beautiful ornaments, one for each year, something she can keep from her childhood christmas's to remember them by. when i look at these ornaments i can't believe how fast that childhood went and it makes me a little teary. my they grow up so fast!

i am trying to be organised this year so the pudding is made already. i usually don't think about this until december and then it never has long enough to fully develop its flavour. it is tempting me from its hanging position many times a day. i love to just smell it nearly every time i go past (which is often). christmas pudding would just about be my favourite foods... maybe...

i have cut out a pile of felt ready to sew into gorgeous little farm animals. christmas cards are in the making, as are some bendy doll fairies, a star wand, felt crowns and masks and a stocking. i have started quite a few things but haven't actually finished any one item yet... but i will! it feels good to be doing something with my hands and being creative, i think i need this more than i realise sometimes.

so off the computer i go and onto the crafting...


  1. What a beautiful Christmas ornament a year for each child. That's so thoughtful. I've never made a Christmas pudding. And I'm inspired to try...perhaps next year. And those Christmas card! I've seen them on pinterest...they look really great. Happy Christmas crafting :) x

  2. christmas pudding is really easy and tastes so much better than a bought one. i always use maggie beer's (auntie reta's i think it is) pudding recipe.

    the cards are cute aren't they? such an simple design but i must confess i do feel like a bit of a cheat for copying although i figure if its on pinterest it's all fair game.

    1. Thanks Jo. I'll keep the Maggie Beer recommendation in mind next year. x

  3. Oh that is a little sad - passing on those ornaments. But what a lovely idea!!! I'm certain Daisy will think of you and her childhood each and every time she looks at her Christmas tree. Gorgeous!