Monday, September 17

spring garden

today in my garden...

i am loving the way the sunlight catches the budding echiums in the late afternoon. this hedge, planted just over a year ago, is turning out just as i wanted. it runs along the length of our front lawn and we look out our front windows to this hedge and beyond to the sea. very soon the green buds will begin to turn blue. it will look spectacular.

i am enjoying watching branches that have been bare throughout the winter come to life. the quince, plum and apricot buds all beginning to blossom (oh how i love blossom!). the pomegranate tree bursting out the tiniest of red leaves that you have to get right up close to see ... and the fig tree with its brilliant green leaves looking so luminous and fresh in the sunshine.

i am wondering whether the almond tree i planted this winter will flower, have leaves, grow? there is no sign of life yet and i am getting a little worried as almond trees should be the first to blossom.

i am noticing that we have many flowers on our strawberry plants and that is exciting. i can taste them already!

i am grateful to be able to harvest a green salad of coriander, parsley, red ribbed dandelion, rocket, lettuce, mint and pineapple sage, to bring to the table every evening. 

i am looking forward to harvesting many heads of broccoli. although quite small (maybe because i planted them too close together) they look so prefect nestled between the leaves. mmmm, fresh broccoli is my favourite vegetable.

i am happy to see some flowers in my garden. sweet peas, poppies, calendula, lavender and stocks at the moment and i watch eagerly for the cornflowers and larkspur soon to come.

i am working on getting all those weeds under control. working on finding time to plant more seeds. working on preparing a bed for tomatoes and building trellises that won't fall down in strong winds. 

i am planning on putting the chickens into the tractor and letting them eat the green manure in the bed that will soon be planted with pumpkins. when they have finished with it, i will have an easy job of digging the rest in.

i am wishing for fine weather for the rest of the week, prefect spring weather.

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  1. Oooh! That does look like perfect spring weather. Enjoy.