Sunday, September 16



... started with a peach smoothie, carrot salad and scrambled eggs for breakfast (strange i know). i read this last night and decided i would try having carrot salad daily. i thought i would make it at breakfast time and eat it later in the morning but it tasted so good that i had to eat the whole lot right away.

... made some more orange jelly (can't get enough of it).

... had my first taste of kombucha tea (yum!).

... rode to the park and hung out at the playground with my girl.

... lunched on banana and oat pancakes with stewed rhubarb and yogurt.

... spent the entire afternoon weeding (but you wouldn't know it). why do weeds grow so much faster than everything else?

... dinner of leek and mushroom omelet, more carrot salad, green leaf salad with shaved parmesean and of course, that orange jelly with cream.

...watched a bit of telly with my girls while drinking camomile tea.

... another ordinary sunday really, nothing special but nice all the same.

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