Thursday, September 20

some days...

today is one of those days where i feel totally overwhelmed by how many things i have on my to do list. do you have those days too?

there's shopping to put away from yesterday, food that needs cooking, dirty washing waiting to be washed, clean washing waiting to be hung out to dry, not to mention the pile waiting to be folded. a floor that needs a sweep (at least!), windows i can barely see out of from all the salt on them, toys everywhere, books everywhere, a small child wanting to play. there's a chicken coop that needs cleaning, grain that needs storing, a dog that needs a walk and a pat, seedlings that need planting, watering to be done, a million weeds to pull, a phone call to the man who cuts the lawn (to please come soon), text messages from friends that need replying to, emails to write, paper work galore to attend to, dresses and skirts to make... i could go on and on but you know how this goes don't you?

my 'to do' list doesn't only include the things that need to be done but also the things i want to be done. i would like to get to the end of my list... one day... but that will never happen right? 

for a short time this morning i convinced myself i was the only mum in the world that couldn't keep up with what is life. after reading this post and the following comments i know i am not alone.

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