Monday, September 10


lately... i have discovered blissology and i love it. recommended by my dear chiropractor who i suspect is sick of seeing me. yoga is what i need. blissology is great, its easy to download, has new free podcasts daily, is set in stunning locations (i could watch it for the scenery alone) and is quite a fast paced style of yoga which i like as i get bored if it is too slow and the poses are held for too long. i find having my yoga mat set up in a corner of the living room encourages me to use it many times a day. a few minutes here and there whenever i can snatch them and then having it there ready at night for when the little one is in bed so i can really get into a full yoga routine is starting to help my poor old stiff back. it is bringing back the memory of how great i always felt after a good yoga class.

lately... i have had the urge to run and have been trying to get into a early morning routine of going out for a walk/run. not an easy routine to get into when you have a two year old working against you some mornings.

lately... the spring cleaning bug has caught me again (i don't need spring actually, it catches me many times a year). i like re arranging the furniture and yesterday the living room was my focus. its amazing how just a little freshening up can change the energy in a room. i feel like spending time in there. jess's room has also had a few little changes too, organising, sorting and streamlining clothes and toys.

lately... i have really been enjoying the little gnomes home's real food series. natalie has posted a heap of fantastic nourishing recipes and i have tried a few such as the cream and honey pannacotta, orange jelly, coconut and butter balls, fish stock and fish soup (yum!) and i am going to try reducing my cooking time for beef/bone stock after reading natalie's blog post about it. such a lovely blog, you really should check it out.

lately... jessica's interest lies in dressing herself. choosing her own clothes (not always ones that are appropiate for the constantly changing weather of spring), putting shoes on and taking them off many times a day, getting out socks and trying to put those on too. she seems to have such an innate drive to take off and put on clothes at the moment and will run off to get out a clean change of clothes at any given opportunity. one small drop of water and she needs a clean pair of pants or t shirt. hence my washing basket is always full. i try to follow her lead and give her plenty of time as i know its all about the practice and that is what she needs to do until she has mastered it fully.

lately... i have been to feeling the urge to do something creative. its been so long since i did any sewing, crafting, knitting, making. i have been thinking of sewing some summer dresses for jess and maybe a skirt for me. i have plans in my head for making some christmas gifts, of knitting myself a vest, of a piece of artwork for jess's room but so far that is where they have remained... in my head.

lately... the sourdough starter has been resting in the fridge. (i wonder if it's still alive!). too many fails for my liking but i am sure i will try baking sourdough bread again soon. i have noticed that we have been eating very little bread and baked goods or grains for that matter. there has been a definite shift and i find that we are eating more protein, vegetables and fruit as well as more dairy and healthy fats. this has had an effect on my desire to snack, as i feel fuller for longer and more satisfied after eating a meal. i rarely feel hungry between meals anymore so i'm not looking to the carbs to boost my energy levels.

just a bit of what's been happening here lately.


  1. These are all great! I look forward to seeing your sewing projects. I find I have to do at least 15 minutes of yoga or qi gong otherwise I'm a stressed out wreck.

  2. i haven't heard of qi gongo. what is it?

  3. Oh thank you for the blissology link, I think it may be just what I need! Monika.