Tuesday, September 11

bedtime reading

when i am looking for children's books at a bookshop or at the library i have to admit that i tend to be on the lookout for the ones with pretty illustrations.

it must be one of the reason's why i love beatrix potter's books and the brambly hedge series by jill barklem so much. the illustrations are just sweet, pretty and well just so... english.

these are the books that i love reading to jessica the most and lucky for me she really enjoys them and they are requested often.

so at the moment we have been reading the brambly hedge spring story, working our way through the complete tales of beatrix potter (although peter rabbit is requested the most from this book) and also reading the flower fairies of spring another old favourite (of mine) with pretty pictures.

there are a few others that are part of our regular reading this week. the first one being a first book of nature and we are reading the spring section and talking a lot about the illustrations. this book is written by nicola davis and illustrated by mark hearld and is a lovely collection of poems featuring the seasonal goodness that nature has to offer.

the runaway hug by nick bland and illustrated by freya blackwood is one of our favourite books to borrow from the library. such a sweet bedtime read and freya's drawings are just divine. it is one i would like to own.

another favourite at the moment is the newly released peggy by anna walker. a tale about a chicken that makes us giggle. who can resist a chicken with character? anna is another favourite author and illustrator and we are (i am) keenly awaiting the release of today we have no plans written by jane godwin and illustrated by anna. it is the companion book to all through the year which is just adorable and that i love, as it's very hard to find books that follow our season's here in australia. today we have no plans is due out in october.

isn't the little pink sweet pea just so pretty?. it was the first one out in our garden and looked lonely so i brought it inside. sweet peas are one of my favourite flowers. oh i say that about all the flowers! how could i choose a favourite? it depends on the season (or the moment) of course...


  1. I've got a little crystal vase just like yours....it was my Grans. I love picking little teeny posies for it.

  2. this one was my nanna's. i loved it when i was a child and i still love it now.