Sunday, September 9


sunday was spent

...making more orange jelly (my favourite snack of the moment).

...indulging my little one at every opportunity, for every request to play, to read, to sing and chase.

 ...collecting a few flowers from the garden to bring a little spring inside.

...riding my 'flash new bike' (jessica's words) to the park.

...enjoying the spring sunshine and a gentle breeze.

...wondering whether my kombucha tea is fermenting the way it's supposed to.

...admiring our rooster "sergent pepper" who is a little strange but rather beautiful.

...wasting time while jess had a very long nap (i wish they would tell you they planned to have a long one).

...drinking far too many cups of earl grey tea.

...walking to the beach to build sandcastles.

...making chicken and vegetable soup for dinner.

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