Wednesday, August 29

animal farm

a couple of weeks ago, right before alistair left for his job, we took jess to visit a farm with a menagerie of animals. 

they have all sorts of animals, sheep, pigs, cows, kangaroos, a koala, rabbits, an ostrich, emus, dingoes, a wombat, alpacas, camels, chickens, ducks, geese, peacocks, turtles and probably a few more i have forgotten.

jessica's favourite was the kangaroos who love to be fed grain and have pats. the joey was just too cute for words. we did the whole tour of the farm animals but jess just wanted to be back in with the kangaroos most of the time we were there.

i'm with jess, the kangaroos were my favourite too, they are such lovely creatures.

we really are lucky to have a place such as this nearby where children can interact with the animals.

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