Friday, August 31

lucky me

afternoon sunshine, a cup of tea, a great book and a napping child.

lucky me!

can i tell you i am in love with this book? it was actually love at first sight. have you ever felt like that about a book? is this normal? do you like to read cookbooks like they are a novel?

from the moment i laid eyes on the real food companion by matthew evans i just knew it would be a firm favourite for a very long time. 

it ticks all the boxes for me. gorgeous textured cover, earthy styling and photography throughout, recipes that are easy to read, recipes that you would cook at home not your fancy restaurant stuff, great additional information regarding ethical eating and sourcing of products and best of all its about real food just as the name suggests.

i could hardly decide whether to read it from front to back or look through the whole thing first before reading. i read the prologue then couldn't help myself, i had to see the rest.

i can't believe i have never come across this book before as the gourmet farmer series is my favourite kind of television viewing...  cooking, small holder farming, growing your own food and foraging for food all set in beautiful tasmania.

anyway i am off to bed for an early night and to start back at the beginning of a wonderful book.


  1. This book looks amazing! I just started milking goats a few days a week so I'm especially on the lookout for raw cheese topics. I'm going to check and see if our library has it. Otherwise off to Amazon.

  2. it is a great book. i am about half way through reading it now. a lot of it isn't really on the topic of real food for health, more along the lines of real food for taste. still good though.