Tuesday, August 28

the negative

oh, two year olds!

charming, gorgeous, energetic, inquisitive, determined

they are so much fun and so challenging at the same time.

jessica has taken to saying 'nah' nearly every time she is asked a question lately. (before 'nah' came 'nut'
and before that 'no'). whenever her grandparents asked a question or suggested something they were met with a flat 'nah'. over and over again. we were lucky that she did remain quite co-operative even if her response was negative.

it got me thinking. have i been saying no too much lately? maybe i have. so i decided i would try to stop saying no (and 'don't do that'). instead i use the words 'you may...' and give an alternative action to take or suggestion of appropiate behaviour. it seems to work.


  1. I have the hardest time being consistent with that but I find it makes a big difference doing that with my two.

  2. yes it is difficult to be consistent but it really does work, so i do try as much as possible. besides i don't like it much when i just get no all the time so i believe jess mustn't like it either. goes both ways doesn't it?