Tuesday, July 10


it has been ages since jess has asked to do any painting. in fact i think the same piece of artwork had been sitting on the easel 'drying' for well over a month.

time to get into some more creative pursuits i think.

jessica was very happy to have all the colours out today. i try not to make suggestions or interfere while she is painting, rather sit by and quietly repeat back what she is telling me. i like to write down the story behind the painting for future reference. today there was a lot to write, i could hardly keep up.

i do like to take a photo or two but try not to let this interrupt her either. 

jessica "a lion and a tail, a little lion too and a daddy lion, i am making a daddy lion, 
making a sheep down there, making animals and some people, 
i'm making a baby sheep, a little baby sheep goes baaaaa
and a daddy one.
and you making a rabbit, making a blue rabbit, thats its face (pointing)
rabbits need a face and some ears and some eyes.
i'm making a red (realises she is using blue paint) blue fox
a fox needs a body, needs a den
thats his den, a fox needs a tail
i'm making a cat, up there, a cat needs a tail, i'm making a summer cat, a beach cat (laughing at her own silliness)
i'm making buses, cars and trains,
i'm making a painting for daddy
then its all done
i made a bridge for a train."

quite a lot going on there.

it is interesting the use of language, still quite repetitive as children can be at this age but jessica is starting to use "i" and "you" now where as before she would call everyone including herself by name such as "jessica is making..." etc

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