Tuesday, July 10



i am a little excited about this.

my sourdough culture starter arrived late last week and i have religiously been feeding it since.

mmmm.... doesn't look too nice, i know.

i am following the recipe from the nourished kitchen blog and found my starter culture here at the wonderful tasmanian company the lost seed.

it doesn't look quite like it is supposed to today, a little too cold for it in my house perhaps?

it had been bubbling quite nicely until last night. tonight i have it next to the dehydrator which should keep it warm enough overnight.

i am hoping to make my first sourdough loaf in a couple of days and i am going to use the recipe from here. i like that it is no-knead. i quite like kneading but find it messy so this should suit me if i am to regularly bake our own sourdough.


  1. I love making sourdough bread. I used to bake with it every week until baby #2. Recently I've been feeling the urge to get back in the rhythm. I've always just made my own with wild cultures from the air. I've been curious about these heirloom sourdough cultures but figure I'd eventually let them die. I've found since having kids that the best cultures for me are the ones I can just start and stop at will, ha! I had kefir grains and kombucha living for years and then they both succumbed to pregnancy and newborn neglect...one with the first kid, the other with the second. Along with all my orchids...

    1. yes amber, priorities certainly change when kids come along. i am still trying to find my rhythm with the baking. how many times to bake each week... i am a bit all over the place with it at the moment but do manage to feed the culture morning and night... so far.
      i'd like to try the kefir and kombucha soon. did you use the grains for dairy or water? they are different aren't they?