Wednesday, February 8

whole food kitchen

the whole food kitchen online workshop started a couple of days ago.

i have enjoyed reading the content for this weeks module, finding it inspiring.

one of the ideas that really stood out for me was trust your instincts, your body will tell you what it needs (if you listen). i believe this to be true. i had one tim tam last night and about fifteen minutes later was really craving fresh fruit. this was the first time i had had a biscuit in over five weeks and although it tasted fine at the time (just fine, not great) i couldn't wait to get the taste out of my mouth afterwards. my body was definitely telling me that i didn't need it.

we will receive ten recipes each week during the workshop. they all looked very tempting this week and i am looking forward to trying stewed lentils with shallots, tomato and bacon (although i will leave out the bacon), honey miso baked tofu and raspberry oat bars along with trying to make my own almond milk. i don't like almond milk out of the carton so i am hoping freshly made will taste much better. worth a try i think.

although the workshop hasn't brought up much that is new to me so far, i am looking forward to really getting into trying out the recipes and am hoping to learn about some 'new to me' foods and techniques.

the workshop features a community forum which should bring up some interesting conversations but at the moment it feels a little daunting finding my way around. there seems to be so many conversations already.

healthy eating has really come back in our household lately. no more buying prepackaged biscuits, snacks and chocolate when doing the shopping (oh except those tim tams). i haven't missed it and i haven't heard too many complaints, so i think the whole food kitchen workshop will firmly stamp healthy eating back into our home once again.

i have been reading frugavore by arabella forge after the lovely tricia from littleecofootprints recommended it. such a great book all about how to grow your own food, buy locally, waste nothing and still eat well. it was this book that really tipped me over for getting the chickens. she made it sound so easy, which it seems to be. this book is part guide, part recipes and i like the concept very much. the recipes are based on whole foods and there are so many great tips.

i think this is one book i will have to buy. 
(the copy i have now is from the library and i am reluctant to return it) 

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