Thursday, February 9

out in the garden


there's not much happening in our garden at the moment.

looking forward to the cooler, milder days of autumn so i can get stuck into it again.

summer is just too harsh where we live to grow much.

we do have some lettuces to pick, zuchinnis that are nearly ready, plenty of basil, silverbeet and parsley so at least there is something.

oh and we have rhubarb, which is doing well and looking fabulous, maybe its the little bit of protection it gets from the wind. will cook some up very soon. love it stewed with apples and having a little yogurt on top once it's cold.

our tomatoes have finished and the chickens are in a makeshift pen digging up that patch to get it ready for the next crop.

had a nice little bit of rain the other night which always makes the garden so much nicer to be in. oh come on autumn days!

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