Monday, February 6

an armful of books

oh how i love the library!

these are some of the haul from yesterday's trip.

some in this pile are just to flip through, such as the indonesian house, a very swish looking architecture book that my eldest daughter daisy would love.

a few cook books to find some new recipes. i will probably just end up looking at the pictures and not end up making anything but you never know.

new vintage, a lovely book with a few ideas for restoring furniture and decorating houses. pretty photos.

and a couple of gorgeous gardening books which i have borrowed before and wished that i owned, especially the organic gardener by monty don. of course all the seasons are around the other way as monty's garden is in england but i love all the photos in this book. english gardens are so beautiful. i think i have borrowed this book about twenty times in the last five or six years.

of course we came home with a huge pile for jess too.

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