Monday, February 6

we have chickens!

we brought some chickens home from 'town' yesterday.

two isa browns and three australorps (the black ones who are meant to be great layers). they are only young and the brown should start laying in a few weeks time and the black will start laying six weeks later (we hope!)

the man about the house has been busy building their new house for the last few days now, reusing old wood and tin. he just finished off their run yesterday, in time for their arrival.

we were all very excited and jess loved helping to pick some lettuces that had gone to seed and throwing it in for the new chickens. we all went out to put them to bed and say good night and jess and her dad were straight out to see them this morning and let them out again.

we've never had chickens before so i have had all my old issues of organic gardener magazine out as well as a few gardening books looking for information on keeping chickens.

can't wait for those first eggs!

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