Monday, January 16


i feel like knitting.

i have seen so many gorgeous knits on pinterest lately and thought i could make something too.

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i have downloaded a couple of patterns from ravelry and just need to find the right yarn for each project.

the first one i shall try is this pickles pattern. looks easy enough.

i am not an expert when it comes to knitting but i have managed to make a few things over the years.

the last time i picked up the needles was when i was pregnant, so awhile ago now. this lovely rug (top photos) was the result. it is made with a mix of silk and wool and angora and wool, all handspun by one of the coffin bay spinners. i didn't have a pattern just simply kept knitting until i thought it was the right size.

i have only ever tried a couple of patterns before, one was a beanie and i made a couple of jumpers for jess also while pregnant.

so, as its been awhile i guess i will be getting out the knitting instructions again to be able to cast on...

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