Saturday, June 29


"A portrait of my littlest, once a week, every week in 2013" 

joining in with jodi and all the others at che and fidel

jessica: resetting the day... we had started off the morning not co-operating and things were going from bad to worse... it was going to be a long day if something didn't change... while jess was occupying herself in another room, i went in to make her bed... there was her rainbow skirt on the floor... i picked it up and popped it on my head... knowing she would soon follow me into her room, needing to be close... she saw me and started giggling... i said what are you giggling about?... "the skirt is on your head mum"... "what skirt jess? there's no skirt on my head"... you can imagine the rest of that silly conversation... it got us both laughing, eased any tension that had arisen and the rest of the day went smoothly... sometimes we just need to reset... sometimes it helps to be a little silly too...
of course, jess then wanted a turn at wearing the skirt on her head...

half way through the year! where has the time gone? i am loving this project and this week have loved looking back through the portraits i have taken so far. how little one's change so rapidly. i am forever amazed. the following three are my favourites so far.


  1. I love your description of resetting the day. I've found the last few weeks really challenging with Everly as she is starting to push the boundaries and my normal gentle discipline techniques aren't working so I've found myself yelling or snapping at her, much to my dislike (and her dismay)! Thank you for the reminder to let go of anger and be silly every now and then!

    And I just love the three portraits you've chosen. My favourite is the last one - those piercing blue eyes and that beautiful smile! Jessica has a special spark about her.

  2. the second of three of her in the pink hat is such a stunner. but, she looks so much more like a baby than she does in the third of three. she is beautiful!

  3. Ooh yeah, the pink hat one is a real corker!

  4. So many days lately we have used the reset button. Rainy & cold where we are so it comes down to clever resets to keep a calm rhythm. Your girls eyes are magic! Xx ashley

  5. The freckles! Wonderful.

  6. she's lush! love the freckles (join the dots!). x